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Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

An office Christmas party can feel pretty generic especially if it involves the same decorations, foods, and games. This is not to say you can’t have any of the traditional stuff, but it sure would be nice to switch things up a bit. Here are some alternative Christmas party ideas we have implemented with great feedback from our clients and their guests.

Themes with a Difference


A sure-fire way to add some flavour to your party is by having a theme. The best thing to do when it comes to considering a theme is to think ‘outside the box’. What are some themes you generally wouldn’t associate with the holidays, or haven’t seen done before? Ensure that you’re adding an element of fun, magic, or even mystery to your event with some of these ideas:

  • A winter murder mystery
  • A gothic Christmas, using a lot of dark colours
  • A beach party theme
  • An outback barbecue theme

Christmas party ideas don’t have to fit in with the conventional model of a holiday celebration. Of course, you can retain some of the core traditional elements like a Christmas tree and a Santa, but we always like to go against the grain for a memorable event!

​Choose an Off-the-Wall Venue


When it comes to holiday parties, the typical venue includes some lavish facilities with a bar and restaurant. Since we’re talking about alternative Christmas parties here, you should have an alternative theme to match.

Fortunately, there are some exciting Christmas party venues in London. Some of these are your typical multi-purpose rooms and blank canvas spaces, or there are a few others that are not your conventional events venue. There are venues located in underground railways, in maritime vessels, and in aquariums, for example.

Explore unique venues

Choose a Shared Christmas Party


Some people prefer a private and low-key party, while others prefer a bigger and more energised celebration. The latter is a nice change if your parties are often limited to staff and their family. We recommend a shared Christmas party, which is essentially one big party with people from other companies in attendance.

One advantage of a shared holiday celebration is that it allows you to make use of a larger, potentially more elaborate venue that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise – plus, the cost is split between each of the companies. Win, win!

Plan a Winter Festival


One of our go-to alternative Christmas party ideas is a winter festival. We believe it should incorporate the outdoors, meaning a venue with outdoor access is a must. This is also where a lot of the activity takes place, including the dining, entertainment, and socialising. In some of our previous festivals, we have included activities like disco dancing, Santa sumo suit wrestling, rodeo reindeer, and an outdoor movie theatre.

For us, a festival is also synonymous with live music, and we like to incorporate a live band playing holiday melodies and classics. This includes a makeshift dance floor right on the lawn, or cosy rugs laid out for guests that would prefer to just have a seat on the floor and relax.

Ultimate Experience has hosted a number of alternative Christmas parties, both private and shared. We can plan your party regardless of whether you want a traditional or alternative celebration. Get in touch to start bringing your Christmas party ideas to life.