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Pancake Day falls on 28th February this year. Instead of heading home to have the traditional lemon and sugar pancake, we’ve shortlisted the best pancakes in London for you to try out.


Where the Pancakes Are


Newly opened and just around the corner from the Ultimate Experience office! This place just serves pancakes, all day every day.  They use organic ingredients and even offer vegan, wheat free and dairy free batters. We like the sweet Dutch Babies but the ‘Australian’ is equally as tasty!

The Breakfast Club

Various, across London

The clue is in the name and we’re sure you’ve all been here before but you may not have had the buttermilk pancakes. The serving is generous and the texture is light and fluffy, we were full until dinner. Make sure you go at an unusual time to avoid the queues!

The Delaunay

Covent Garden

A little bit posh, but not too posh for pancakes! The Delaunay does gorgeous pancakes from their brunch menu and is an all-day café-restaurant inspired by the grand cafés of Europe. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning coffee and afternoon tea are also served seven days a week. We only wished they served pancakes 24-7.

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Creperie du Monde


Inspired by worldwide cuisines, this creperie is not to be overlooked. A tiny café, that if you blink you’ll miss, but Creperie du Monde is making excellent pancakes! You can choose between white and brown flour for those who are trying to be healthy.

Do you agree, are these the best pancakes in London? Or have we missed your favourite? Let us know on Twitter @UltimateExp