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Create, Caterer of the Year 2017, are one of the best caterers that Ultimate Experience partner with. They deliver the ultimate food journey with innovative design and beautifully presented dishes, bespoke to every client’s vision. Their superior range of summer party catering will leave you spoilt for choice and wondering how you ever organised a summer party without them!


Whilst the British weather can never be guaranteed, the high standard of food from Create is always something you can rely on to put a smile on your guest’s face. Catering at a wide range of summer parties at prestigious venues, such as Old Billingsgate, The Pavilion at The Tower of London and City Central at the HAC they can lift the mood of any summer event with their delectable creations.



A New Philosophy on Food

You can trust Create to provide a unique dining experience for your summer party, with their modern twist on the classic summer food and indulgent ingredients there is no parallel. Always delivering the most unique, fresh seasonal dishes and drinks has earned them a great reputation for pushing the boundaries of summer party catering. They will work side by side with Ultimate Experience and yourself to customise incredible summer dishes and divine drinks that are destined to excite your guests and leave a lasting impression. Their imaginative expertise enables them to cater all styles whether it is modern, elegant, fusion, comforting or cutting edge they will help create your food fantasies.



Bespoke Food and Drink menus

With years of experience in the summer party catering industry, Create have honed their summer party menus by listening to their client’s needs and paying great attention to detail. They are constantly adapting their food and drink options to give your guests the ultimate dining experience.  Create offer many exciting summer party catering choices such as canapés, bowl food, dinner party dishes, food stalls and even BBQ catering. Make the best first impression with Create’s magnificent canapés, awaking your guest’s taste buds with a flavour infusion and a taste of what is to come.

The summer is the best time to host a BBQ, sipping refreshing fruity drinks with gourmet burgers, hot dogs and kebabs; it will be a true feast everyone will enjoy! Quirky food stalls are also an amazing option for a fun filled summer party. Extremely versatile and entertaining, they offer a combination of canapés, bowl food and mini plates. Bowl food is a great way to encourage communication at summer events as it allows people to freely move around the venue whilst also enjoying copious amounts of exquisite food and beverages. An alternative to this is dinner party catering which offers a divine three course formal menu with rich, mouth-watering ingredients.


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To ensure a summer event your guests will never forget with superb summer party catering contact Ultimate Experience, the most in demand seasonal venue hire and event management company in London. Don’t hesitate to book your best summer party ever, email or call 020 7940 6060.