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Richard Household from Brompton Wines, one of Create Food and Party Design‘s key suppliers, offers some helpful advice on the best wine to serve with your Christmas turkey.


These days turkey is not the bland cardboard-like dish that I certainly had as a child, mostly at school (I wouldn’t dare criticise my mother’s cooking!).  Good quality turkey with all the trimmings is a delight to pair wines with.  You have have the tender white and succulent brown meat of the turkey, herbs and spices in the sauce and stuffing, sweetness from the cranberry sauce and maybe plenty of additional scrumminess with bread sauce, pigs in blankets, parsnips and so on.  All this means you need a wine that will stand out and sing Christmas carols in perfect harmony.


That doesn’t mean big and powerful!  I will probably be drinking a northern Italian red.  I love the wines from Piedmont – all about power and poise. So maybe a Dolcetto d’Alba or a Barbera d’Asti.  If I’m feeling extravagant I might even go for a Barberesco, which is made from the wonderful Nebbiolo grape. These wines have finesse, elegance, pure fruit of red/ripe cherry, spice, soft tannins and a long finish.  Just delightful.


A must have wine for the Christmas pud is a Rutherglen Muscat – a rich, sweet, sticky delight from Australia.


Cheers everyone and Merry Christmas!