, Published by Ultimate Experience

No Christmas party is complete without a delicious festive feast. This Christmas, we’ll be serving seasonal menus at some of London’s most prestigious event spaces, in partnership with our award-winning caterer Create Food & Party Design.


Create’s dishes are inspired by classic combinations, with an emphasis on home-smoking and simplicity to allow fantastic produce to shine through.


The Create team can secure the best available produce at any given time. Key ingredients to look out for on Create’s menus this season are Venison, Hare, foraged Elder capers and Douglas Fir (trust us, you’ll love this)!


Create’s Head of Creativity, Gemma Banks is leading the way in refining Create’s event philosophy and designing stunning presentation for new dishes. Food and delivery is at the heart of what Create does, whether catering for an intimate dinner at a client’s home or a huge-scale event across several London venues.


If you have any questions about our Christmas menus get in touch, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store this year!