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Christmas Party Venues in London

Hire one of Ultimate Experience’s Christmas party venues in London as they are transformed with extraordinary theming that encapsulates the festive season.


Please see below for our full list of exclusive London Christmas venues for 80-2,500 guests. For smaller groups please visit our Shared Christmas Parties page.


This year we’re once again preparing to transform the capital’s best Christmas party venues into stunning settings for seasonal celebrations. Our party packages including décor, catering, audio visual equipment, lighting, sound, furnishings, entertainment, staffing, event management and lots more. If you’re looking for venues for the company Christmas party, take your pick from our wide selection of prestigious spaces, which includes impressive event spaces from Camden’s Roundhouse to the Pavilion at the Tower of London, as well as party dens like Old Billingsgate Vaults.

Venues for Christmas



Shared Christmas Parties

If you’re a smaller group looking for a big party atmosphere, our Shared Christmas Parties are ideal. These party packages include all you need to celebrate Christmas in style.

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Christmas Party Venues in London
Christmas parties are a great way to let loose and celebrate the year. When it comes to putting together a Christmas party, we are ready to help you plan and execute your ideal Christmas event. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a bespoke party or a package event, Ultimate Experience can help you to create a celebration to remember.

Who doesn’t love Christmas? In the workplace, Christmas parties are a time when every person on the payroll can loosen their ties and forget about work for once. For the staff, it’s about having fun. For the manager, it’s about giving back to your subordinates and acknowledging their hard work.

Yes, you can hold the party at the office, though that’s probably the last place your employees want to be. To really treat your team, reserve the best venue. Here at Ultimate Experience, we have a few ideas that can help you find that perfect venue and give you some great ideas for your Christmas party:

Package or Bespoke
Bespoke Christmas parties are great if you have a specific theme or event in mind and you can dedicate the time and budget to organising one yourself. If you are looking for a great event, but can’t spare the manpower, then package parties are perfect for you.

At Ultimate Experience, we create package deals by creating a Christmas setting at one of our great venue locations. Professionally decorated and ready for a party all winter long, these venues offer a great option for busy people who are looking for an enjoyable ready-made event.

Shared Parties
If you are a smaller company but are still looking for that big Christmas party feel, there is an option for you too. Shared parties are a shared Christmas party that many different smaller companies can attend and are one of our most popular events.

Food and Drink
Food and drink are an essential part of Christmas parties so make sure that is part of your considerations when you are planning a Christmas party. If you are looking for a great caterer for your party, then you can’t go wrong with our catering partners over at Create Food. These award-winning caterers are ready to help you create a bespoke menu that makes the most of seasonal flavours.

On the night itself you might be in need of some entertainment for the event so that gives you a few things that you need to plan:

DJ or band?
It’s likely that your attendees will be wanting to dance the night away so think about how best to get the party going. A live band can be really immersive, but will overall be more expensive than a DJ. A DJ also has the advantage of being able to play a longer set as well. If you are really pushing the boat out, you can get both! Our venues are ready to host all kinds of entertainers so you can really make the most of your night.

Speeches and Awards
Christmas parties can be a great way to reflect on the year that has just passed, so how better to celebrate than by giving out some awards. These could be serious or comical, either would be possible with the high-tech audio and visual equipment available at our venues.

Ending the night
Helping people get home safely can be a positive way to leave the event. Organise transportation from the venue if your co-workers live close by. You could also pre-book a fleet of taxis to make sure people get home easily. Talk to our team to see what options are available at the event venues you are looking at.
If you are looking for help with planning or executing a perfect Christmas party, then make sure that you are in contact with us over here at Ultimate Experience. With many years of experience planning all kinds of events, we can help you to plan your perfect Christmas party.

London is home to some of the most popular facilities available for private and public parties. Here are two that are especially suited for throwing the best Christmas parties:

Glaziers Hall is frequently used for staging our corporate events. With access to ambient lighting, AV equipment, DJ services, and full event management staff, it’s a great venue providing the full package. The venue is also located near major transport links, so there are plenty of ways for guests to get home if alcohol is served. The facility is also located within a stone’s throw of major London landmarks, such as Borough Market and the River Thames. The visual of the area provides for the perfect backdrop for a holiday and end-of-the-year celebration.

Nine Adam Street is one of the more contemporary Christmas party venues in the area and one of our most popular Christmas party locations. Nine Adam Street took its name after its designer Robert Adams. The modern facility comprises of two spacious floors, beautiful architectural brickwork and a VIP area. If you are looking to include VIP areas at your party, we can help you achieve this easily at this venue. Aside from Christmas parties, we frequently transform this venue for all kinds of events. From product launches to private after-parties, and exhibitions, this venue would work well for any winter event. The space is so awe-inspiring yet generic enough to be used for multiple purposes.

Of course, venue selection is only one of many factors that goes into planning an awesome party. There are other factors that go into it as well. This includes the activities, catering, and so on. You should know ahead of time the format of the event. For example, will there be an award ceremony? Will the catering include cocktails and dessert? What about the Christmas entertainment? Will there be a band, a DJ, etc.? If children are in attendance, will there be a hired Santa? If you have specific things in mind, we can help you achieve them, or if you are looking for a little event inspiration, we can help you create a great party.

Even if you rent out the most exuberant venue, the event will fail to impress if you neglect other areas of the planning. This is why Ultimate Experience provides more than just the venue selection. Our packages also include room décor, catering, entertainment, staffing, and much more. Additionally, we also provide shared Christmas parties to enable smaller groups to merge with other groups and share in the large venue experience together.

Christmas only comes around once every 365 days, so use the moment to show your staff that their continued hard work is much appreciated. The acknowledgement will yield dividends in the form of better work morale. If you are looking for some help planning your event, then make sure you get in contact with us here at Ultimate Experience.