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Three ideas for fundraising at your next charity event:


1 – Corporate team-building and fun days

Give your team the chance to escape the office for the day and get into creative mode. Treat your staff to an adrenaline-boosting fun day or team-building exercise with Eventwise, another trusted brand of the Concerto Group. Corporate activity days are not only ideal for fundraising events, they are also a great way to improve working relationships and communications skills,

Eventwise provides special packages for charity associations, too, so they can raise as much money as possible for their causes. Plus, because it works with over 15 other leading Concerto brands, it can provide you with outstanding support and expertise when planning and running your event. You may also benefit from discounts on catering and/or production, and complimentary online RVSP so you can attract as many guests as possible to your charity venue in London.


Popular team-building / fun day activities

One of the most popular activities Eventwise runs is the Taxi Treasure Hunt, where teams can complete a special treasure hunt around London, guided by various clues that will eventually lead them to a secret lunch or dinner destination. Another is the Chocolate Challenge, where you’ll get to work on your chocolate-making skills, from ganache-mixing to truffle-decorating.


2 – Fancy dress

Put some sparkle into your fundraising efforts by organising a fancy dress event at your London charity venue. Think of a fun theme, such as famous superheroes or movie villains, and encourage as many people as possible to sponsor you. Don’t forget to promote your event on social media and use a mobile fundraising app so people can also donate online via their phones.

We can also provide a professional DJ so your guests will be glued to the dance floor as they show off their moves to all the biggest hits of different eras.



3 – A raffle

Get your guests to sign up for a raffle (for a nominal fee) so you can donate the proceeds to your cause. This can be an efficient way to raise a large amount of money in a short amount of time, especially if you’re planning a large event. For example, if 1,500 guests paid £2.50 to enter a prize draw, that would amount to £3,750, a small amount of which could be used to fund the prize.


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