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Ensuring your event is a success with Ultimate Experience


For the best impact, it’s essential that your event production is planned and delivered to perfection. Here are five production tips for holding great corporate events.


Four production necessities for a successful corporate event


Excellent sound

Having a high-quality sound system is essential for any event, from wedding receptions to corporate functions. If your guests can’t hear you clearly, or your sound system is riddled with technical problems, your event won’t meet people’s expectations.

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Perfect lighting

It may sound obvious, but it’s very easy to underestimate lighting requirements in an indoor venue – especially at night or on a dark cloudy day. Good lighting means your guests will be able to see you clearly from a long distance (i.e. in a large venue with 1000+ capacity). Like with any private function, the lighting at your corporate event must be customised to the theme.

For example, corporate Christmas parties in London need to have outstanding lighting so they can create that magical winter wonderland theme. At the same time, production teams need to regulate the lighting so that it creates just the right scene for the occasion. So not too bright that guests feel like they’re in a clinical environment, but not too dark that they can’t see who they’re talking to!
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A talented event production management team

Choose a trusted events company that has years of experience in managing big events in some of the most famous and luxurious venues in the country. It will not only have the skills and the talent to make your event a resounding success, it will also have access to a wide network of other trusted suppliers. That means you’ll have everything you need at the right place, right time, and for the best price.


State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment

Audiovisual (AV) equipment helps you tailor your corporate event to a whole new level. When planning a corporate conference, AV equipment will enable you to use multiple screens to ensure everyone can see your presentations (for example, in a wide venue), run content management software to help you communicate your presentation messages more effectively, and utilise social media to allow live audience interaction.


Top entertainment

By choosing an established events management company with a long list of contacts, you can book world-class entertainment for your corporate event. Whether you’re interested in a live music act, a comedian, or a dance act, the choice is yours.
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To learn more about luxury corporate events, contact Ultimate Experience, one of the UK’s leading events management companies. If you already have a particular venue in mind, let us know and we will arrange a viewing for you right away.