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Danielle handles all our shared Christmas party bookings, so if you’re looking for the perfect party this year you know who to call!


After graduating from Bournemouth University with a 2:1 in Event Management in 2012, Danielle began her events career with a placement at a Revolution bar in Watford, where she handled events from hen dos to birthday parties, as well as nurturing a marketing relationship with Watford FC.

Following this Danielle worked for Late Night London, before joining Concerto in October 2013, where she quickly took over shared Christmas parties on behalf of top party planner Ultimate Experience.

Danielle’s past experience of handling multiple bookings within one venue and managing plenty of events at the same time made her the perfect fit for our shared party nights.

Danielle loves the product we offer; shared Christmas parties offer great value for money, and a perfect choice for clients looking for a Christmas celebration who don’t necessarily need to hire a whole venue exclusively.

This is Danielle’s third year of shared parties, and she’s pleased with the way it’s going. Danielle said: “We have repeat customers year on year and for my 3rd year running, they are booking earlier than ever. The best thing about shared nights is the fun they bring, and the huge entertainment package, and the fact it offers those smaller companies the chance to have an amazing party with a big atmosphere!”

When not rushing around organising hundreds of Christmas parties Danielle takes time out to go to the gym and run – she’s already completed a 10km race and is plucking up the courage to start marathon training.

Thankfully Danielle’s also a BIG fan of Christmas, she can confirm it’s the best time of the year, so booking parties and talking Christmas all year round suits her perfectly.

Of course all those Christmas plans can get a bit tiring, so on her days off Danielle can be found in a pub garden with a glass of prosecco, whenever the sun is out!

If you’ve bumped into her on the tube you’ll probably know too, Danielle loves meeting new people and having a good natter! She’s been known to make ‘train friends’ on her daily commute – she’s firmly of the belief that if you’re going to see the same faces every day on a relatively boring journey, you may as well turn it into a good one!

Something you may not know about Danielle? She has an identical twin sister. And yes, people still get the two confused ALL the time!

Need to chat to Danielle about your upcoming Christmas party? Send an enquiry and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can. In the meantime you can check out all our upcoming, shared parties here.