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Brand new Christmas venue Studio Spaces is situated in the heart of East London. The Shoreditch space is both a nightclub and a state of the art event space. It is comprised of three studios and located only a few minutes walk from Shadwell station.

Ultimate Experience kicks off its first season at Studio Spaces with an eclectic winter look inspired by typography and the art of storytelling.

An understated theme entices guests into the party space. Guests enter through a series of royal blue archways, framed by neon lighting.

The main studio’s heritage as a legendary nightclub makes it hard to beat when it comes to picking your Christmas party venue. The studio is urban in both look and feel, with exposed brickwork and steelwork surrounding the space.


Light boxes frame words that keep guests guessing, as they explore the venue’s much talked-about second studio. This room is cloaked in black, making it the perfect place to host late-night revelries.

The Black Studio is one of few all black, blackout studios in London. A main feature of this smaller studio is a 26ft white infinity cove, which becomes a focal point of Ultimate Experience’s Christmas look. A monochromatic letter-focussed design will be projected onto the white walls, complemented by impressive lighting and in-built production.