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Nobody could deny the impact social media has had on society at large. When it comes to the events industry, social media walls have been an impressive and pervading innovation, which is helping to boost interaction and engagement and take it to new and exciting heights.

Social media walls and platforms have proven to be highly effective at events. Essentially, they are large screens (or multiple screens) which are visible in your events space, onto which attendees can view social media interactions in real time. Fantastic for creating interactive spaces, and for addressing questions, queries and thoughts as they arise, they’ve become a key feature for several successful events all over the globe.

How do Social Media Wall Platforms Work at Events?

Most events venues will set up their social media walls on screens either to the sides of an events venue, behind the main stage (if there is one) or in the lobby, where attendees will gather and interact with each other. 

Your attendees will love the idea of having a direct impact on their environment, and seeing their contributions and thoughts flash up on a big screen. This is great news for event organisers who want to get their event trending on major social media sites - by encouraging your attendees to submit posts during the high points of your event, the higher the likelihood of hitting those big trending figures.

However, in order to get this working properly, you’ll need to have established a memorable and effective hashtag for your event (something short, sweet, and which includes the name and year of the event in some way), and ensure that your attendees are aware that their posts will have to be tagged accordingly. You can ensure this happens by using your hashtag in all prior communications, and have the hashtag visible on banners, flyers, promotional materials during the event itself.

It’s probably a good idea to have someone on your team monitoring and moderating the tweets and social media posts being submitted, though - you don’t want your social media wall featuring sarcastic or negative posts sent by that one individual looking for mischief, or the types of attendees who are simply impossible to please no matter what you do!

Popular Social Media Wall Platforms for Events

everwall logo

Formerly known as Tweetwall, this social media wall platform was among the first on the scene. This platform will show tweets and posts on your wall blisteringly quickly after being submitted (they claim to be able to do this within one second), and it also has the added benefit of several moderation and advertising options.

hhotsuite logo

Hootfeed is run by the popular social media tool Hootsuite. If you’re already familiar with their services, it perhaps makes good sense to stick with this reliable social media wall platform. Hootfeed not only posts social media comments and tagged content in real time; it also allows you to capture questions submitted by your attendees on Twitter.

Tint logo

Tint is a highly effective social media wall platform, which comes with several added bonuses. One of the key benefits of this platform is that it allows events organisers to aggregate your favourite posts, and use them easily in your own social media feed, or online advertising.

sprinklr logo

This is one of the most popular platforms out there, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Not only do they allow you to display your social media interactions on your screen, they also provide loads of analytical tools for you to use once your event is wrapped up.

tagboard logo

This platform has been praised for the fact that it allows you to gather and analyse all of the social media posts referring to your event prior to the event taking place. A great tool, which has proven to be highly effective.

Innovative Ways to Use Social Media Walls

  • Show off the creativity of your attendees

One of the coolest ways we’ve seen of utilising social media walls at events has been to show off the user-created content dreamt up by your attendees. Encourage your crowd to create their own memes, share their photos, or take pictures of things they’ve made or done at your events (this is perfect for those events which involve some sort of creative workshop).

Whether its jokes, haikus, short gifs or videos, or something else entirely, this is one of the best ways to encourage interaction, boost your brand and create trending opportunities.

social media walls of natwest
  • Generating buzz and conversation

Social media walls are a fantastic way of adding a unique aspect to your event, and encourage conversation and questions. Conversations, jokey chats, question and answer sessions can all arise organically with a social media wall and your attendees will quickly feel as though they are really part of an active community and buzzworthy event as they see the dynamism of their posts on the big screen.

conversation on media wall
  • Creating ‘Social Proof’

Social proof is essentially tangible evidence that your event is truly happening, buzzing, and encouraging plenty of engagement. When shoppers see that a major brand has so many million followers on Instagram, this creates ‘social proof’ - how can so many consumers possibly be wrong? The same concept is created through the buzz and activity on a social media wall. By using a branded hashtag and encouraging its use, your attendees will get a clear idea of how popular and engaging your event is.

conversation on media wall
  • Generating effective ‘social listening’

Attendee satisfaction is absolutely key to the success of your event, and your social media wall will provide you with a real time ticker, showing you exactly how your guests are feeling about your event. People tend to be pretty frank on social media, but also are generous with their praise and enthusiasm too - keep an eye on the posts flashing up on the screen, and pay particular attention to what works, what causes spikes in interaction, and any repeated grumbles that arise, too; you’ll learn an awful lot by doing this!

prompt reactions on media wall

Social Media Walls: The Perfect Way to Encourage Interaction

As we’ve seen, social media wall platforms can be brilliant when it comes to encouraging attendee interaction and enjoyment. They give your guests the chance to express their opinion and experience with their fellow attendees, and also provide plenty of insight into how your event is going.

Social media walls bring together the physical world of your event with the online space it inhabits, and provide a chance to spread the influence of your event far further than the walls of your venue. It’s an exciting, fast-moving and innovative time to be in the events industry, and this relatively simple use of screens and hashtags is making a massive impact into how we organise our events.

Here at Ultimate Experience, we love it when new technology opens the doors to increased attendee engagement, and we’re highly enthusiastic about social media walls and the possibilities they provide. If you’d like to find out more, and discover why we’re leaders in the events industry, just get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!