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Christmas is an extremely busy time of year: friends, family and colleagues all demand attention over December (and sometimes late November…). It’s difficult to fit everyone in and we often, no matter how hard we try, double-book our evenings.

During the day though there’s no double-booking, mainly because everyone’s at work. But what if the work Christmas party started early? What if the humble Christmas lunch became the main event?


Here’s why having a Christmas lunch is the way forward


More time

If you start your festivities at lunch, your guests will have more time for food, drink and fun. It also means there’s more time for guests to enjoy the party and unwind.

Christmas lunch


Getting home

Guests can head home at the end of the working day, as they would do normally. This means they can get home to their families and other personal commitments.

Christmas lunch


No double-booking

We can’t guarantee it, but it’s less likely you’ll be double-booking a Christmas lunch. Guests can also move on to their next Christmas party. Christmas lunch


More options

It’s late October already, if you haven’t booked your evening Christmas party you might be running out of options. However you’ll be spoilt for choice with more venue availability during the day.

Christmas lunch


Lower costs

With venues at a premium in the evening (ranging from £100 – £150 per person), you’ll be able to get much more for your money during the day. The average lunch time event costs £75 – £85 per head, and this of course includes unlimited drinks!


Make the most of that winter daylight

It’s dark by 4pm, but during the day guests can make the most of the panoramic views over the Thames at OXO2.


Alternative activities

Not everyone will be looking for a dancefloor – so quizzes, treasure hunts or internal awards are popular activities to take place during a daytime Christmas event.


Recovery and time out

The inevitable Christmas hangover will be looming after an evening party, but this won’t be the case for a lunch time celebration.

Christmas lunch


It doesn’t have to be lunch

Skip lunch, and start mid-afternoon. This still guarantees an evening finish; ensuring guests are able to get public transport home.


If you’re looking to book your Christmas party, whatever the time of day, Ultimate Experience have some outstanding venues available. Call the sales team today on 020 7940 6060 or visit our Christmas Party Venues page to find out more.