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Nestled in the up-and-coming area of Blackhorse Road you will find the Fullcircle theming and furniture warehouses with over 50,000 square feet of space. Blackhorse Road is home to many creative agencies and workshops.

As you exit the tube station the first thing you see is a great sparkling heart-shaped sign boasting the words ‘Welcome: to the home of people who make and create,’ which is no understatement.

The splendour and eccentricity of Fullcircle’s Creative Director, Simeon Aldred, is evident the moment you walk inside the warehouse doors and spot his wall of vintage paintings, of everything from landscapes to cowboys, collected over the years. The warehouse has a certain buzz to it, which ebbs and flows with the constant loading and unloading of equipment going to and from events.


Inside this theming treasure trove, there are 700 vintage suitcases and large steamer trunks, taxidermy animals from squirrels to life-size stags, glass bottles of every shape and size, sports equipment including vintage sledges, skis and racquets, candelabras of all shapes and sizes and a giant human sized bird cage. Among the weirdest things there are a whole army of terracotta warriors and a giant 6ft high cake complete with internal ladder for a pop out surprise.IMG_0410

In terms of transport Fullcircle has:
• 2x 1960’s route master buses
• 2x electric milk float
• 2x London black cabs with over 700,000 miles on the clock
• 1x tuk tuk
• 2x ice cream tricycles
• 2x restored caravans in a 1970s kitsch style


If you are a fan of mid-century modern the warehouse would be your idea of furniture heaven. There are row upon row of Eames furniture in all colours and styles. There is a plethora of antiques, including Singer sewing machines, apothecary cabinets and old school desks. No matter your specification – contemporary, rustic, modern or eclectic – with enough searching you will find what you are looking for!

To find out more about how Fullcircle’s furniture and theming could help you next event come to life visit wearefullcircle.co.uk.