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The sun’s shining, the coats have been banished to the back of the wardrobe and the BBQs are on… it must mean summer is on its way. In honour of this illustrious event, we’ve asked our whole team for their top ice creams and lollies, to bring you our definitive top 10. Ice cream season is back. Here’s what to order.

10. The Mini Milk


In last place, and making it that far only because of some sort of childhood joy we used to get from these bizarre frozen milk sticks, is the Mini Milk. Enough ice cream for two or three slurps only. Tastes like disappointment.

9. The Haribo Push Up Thing

At some point a madman decided to combine the wonderful thing that is gummy bears with the deliciousness of ice cream and they got this monster. Has anyone actually ever tried one? Probably not.

8. Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Lolly

Things begin to improve as we reach ice lolly number 8; this one’s a frozen beauty of many layers. Extra points because the layers have their own discernable flavours, which is like some sort of Heston Blumenthal stuff.

7. The Solero

Tangy and tasty, yet melts so fast you’ll need to eat it in less than 20 seconds to have any chance of making it through the rest of the day without orange sorbet all over your face and probably in your hair too. If you think you’re up to the task, we’d recommend this one.

6. The Feast

This is a chocolate bar masquerading as an ice cream. It wants to fit in with its frozen friends, but it’s time to face facts. A feast is a giant block of chocolate on a stick. Nonetheless, it is quite marvellous, which is why we rate it no 6.

5. The Twister

Not only is this one a work of art – just look at its many colours, the twister also combines ice cream and lolly, so you don’t have to choose one or the other. Brilliant.

4. The Calippo

Poshest ice-lolly around. Comes with its own little house so you don’t end up dribbling liquid sugar all down your clothes. An all round excellent performer.

3. The Cornetto

A king amongst ice creams, the Cornetto is a summer essential. We like it mostly for the tiny chocolate bit at the end of the cone. Legend has it that there once was a Cornetto which was completely filled with chocolate from top to bottom. Just imagine.

2. The FAB

A glorious ice lolly. It’s beautiful, it’s covered in sprinkles, it’s clearly one of your five a day and it even features chocolate. It ticks all the boxes. It’s fab.

1. The 99
Undisputed king of ice creams. The 99 is a British institution; it’s up there with cups of tea, fish and chips and the Great British seaside – in fact we would never even dream of visiting the seaside without purchasing a 99. Easy to see why Ultimate Experience chose the 99 as this year’s summer party icon…

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