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It’s Leon Day (half way to Christmas) on 25th June. To celebrate we’re offering you the chance to get your hands on the finest half way to Christmas present money can buy – an Alex Monroe gingerbread man necklace!

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We’ll be sending out Leon Day cards over the coming days. Check the front of your card, if Noel the gingerbread man is wearing #GoldenSpeedos you’re our lucky winner. Call us on 020 7940 6060 to claim your Alex Monroe gingerbread necklace!


Founded in America and increasingly popular in the UK, Leon Day marks the halfway mark to Christmas. It’s Noel spelled backwards. The festivities take place on June 25th, i.e. the turning point when Christmas begins to come closer on the calendar. It is 182.5 days before Christmas day!

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We’ll be sending out Leon Day cards over the coming days, check what colour Noel the gingerbread man’s speedos are. If your gingerbread man is wearing #GoldenSpeedos you’ve won!


Happy Leon Day, one and all. Keep an eye on the letterbox.