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7 Event Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

How many corporate events have you attended that have fallen flat due to a lack of creative event entertainment ideas? In our industry, we see it time and time again: attendees looking at their watches, stifling a tired yawn or two, and wishing something would come along to perk proceedings up a little.

It’s not difficult to understand. When you bring in event entertainment ideas for corporate events which are a little out of the usual, and use a bit of creativity to inject a sense of fun and adventure into the day, the attention level of your attendees will rocket upwards and everyone will leave feeling happy they went along.

There’s absolutely no excuse nowadays for corporate events to use only stale old ice-breakers, or leave their guests with nothing to get excited over except a platter of sandwiches. The amount of options out there for lightening the atmosphere and providing much-needed distraction is vast, and there’s something to suit every event and every budget, too.

As ever, we’re always on the lookout for bold, innovative and fun-filled entertainment options for your next corporate event. Take a look at our top 7 ideas regarding event entertainment ideas, and have a think about which might be perfect for electrifying the atmosphere of your next gathering!

1. Bring Out The Bottles

Wine tastings are perfect for corporate event entertainment, because they manage to tick a whole range of important boxes. They have an air of sophistication about them which is difficult to beat, and what’s more, your attendees will be able to pick up new skills and gather information they might have been missing.

Furthermore, everybody loves drinking wine… so we have no doubt your attendees will be more than pleased at this addition to your evening!

Closeup on winemaker smelling red wine in glass as an event entertainment ideasWhite wine pouring into a wine glass. Selective focus on the white wine.

Get a talented and entertaining expert sommelier involved in a wine tasting at your next corporate event, and your attendees will be captivated by this fun and fascinating session.

Whether they’re already well versed in wine, or don’t know their Chardonnay from their Semillon, there’s no doubt they’ll be able to learn something valuable from an expert in this field.

2. Fire It Up!

When it comes to providing memorable entertainment ideas, giving your attendees something dramatic and unexpected is always the best way forwards. What could be more dramatic and unexpected than a fire show, featuring daring fire eaters or jugglers wowing the assembled crowds?

Fire eaters and jugglers are going to give your guests something to talk about for years to come, and many performers are also adept at getting audiences involved (although it may not be for the faint of heart!) and providing a truly buzzing atmosphere.

If you want to tie this sort of corporate entertainment idea in with your catering, why not get your chefs to provide some sizzling dishes, served straight from the flames? This way, the theme could be continued throughout the evening, and provide plenty of social media-friendly opportunities for your snap-happy attendees!

fire eater as a corporate event entertainment

3. Having A Laugh

All too often, corporate events are serious affairs, full of heavy speeches and facts and figures. Even the most dedicated attendees can sometimes struggle with the vibe at such gatherings, so any opportunity for laughter is welcomed with open arms. Why else do so many presentations or lectures kick off with a joke (no matter how groan-inducing that might be)?

More and more event organisers looking for event entertainment ideas are turning to professional comedians. Why? To lighten up the atmosphere, and provide often much-needed comic relief and a sense of silliness to the evening.

You can choose from up-and-coming stars to established names, and most professional comedians can even create concept shows based around your company or ideas. As long as you’re willing to risk the chance of being lightly roasted by your chosen stand up, this is an entertainment idea for a corporate event which everyone’s going to enjoy.

4. It’s Only A Game, So…

Bringing a bit of Saturday night-style entertainment to your next corporate event is never a bad move. Game shows are capable of uniting every attendee in the room in a sense of nostalgic, silly fun that will perk them up unlike any other event entertainment idea.

Choose a favourite game show format from either a current or classic tv show – examples like The Generation Game, Pointless or Blankety Blank are always clear winners at corporate events, and give your guests the opportunity to let their hair down.

What’s more they’ll bring out both their funny side and competitive streak, and some fun prizes for the winners are always appreciated.

5. Do A Double Take

Every corporate event can be improved with a quick injection of celebrity glamour… but if you can’t get Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt down to your next gathering, don’t panic! Celebrity impersonators and lookalikes can be the next best thing!

Just imagine having Captain Jack Sparrow, George Clooney or the Queen herself mingling with your attendees, or seeing Kim Kardashian presenting an award at the end of the evening – if that doesn’t get people talking and enjoying themselves, nothing will!

As entertainment ideas for corporate events go, this is a nice, light-hearted one which is sure to crack a few smiles and provide some fun photo opportunities, and will get tongues wagging for years to come!

6. Get Your Artistic Juices Flowing

If you feel like opting for an event entertainment idea which manages to be both gentle and enjoyable, then a painting session, art class or life drawing hour might be the ideal choice for you and your evening.

By setting everybody up with an easel and some paints, and by hiring a fun art teacher who can put everyone at ease, you can end up with an entertainment option which is as memorable as it is rewarding. Plus, your attendees will have something – their painting – to take home with them, and to remind them of their evening forever.

people in an art gallery talking about the colorful paintings displayed on walls

7. It’s A Kind of Magic

Nothing instills in people a sense of wonder and amazement quite like a good magic show. Conjuring, illusion, sleight-of-hand… your attendees will be craning their necks and giving their full attention to figure out just how the tricks are being done.

One trend we’ve seen a lot of recently in corporate events is close-up magic and ‘street’ style magic – inspired by the likes of Dynamo and David Blane – which are ideal for large events during meal times. Having a magician at your table, making things disappear and reappear at ease, brings a touch of Vegas glamour to your event which nobody will forget in a hurry!

magic, performance, circus, gambling, casino, poker, show concept - magician in top hat showing trick with playing cards

Boost Morale And Engagement With Creative Event Entertainment Ideas

There’s no doubt about it, the corporate events world is calling out for more fun, more frivolity and unexpected features in order to boost morale and increase attendee participation. We fully believe in thinking outside the box, and we’ve seen these ideas work beautifully time and time again.

If you’d like to learn more about corporate event planning and how to leave your attendees amazed and enthralled, we’d love to hear from you. Ultimate Experience is a top-notch provider of all your event needs, with the skills you require for a memorable night.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas – now it’s over to you. Have you seen any amazing and unusual corporate entertainment recently? Let us know all about it in the comments!